Employer Group Plans

As Healthcare Reform raises more questions than answers and as an employer, you are trying to stay in business and keep your benefit level status quo, you may have to make some hard choices.   

If you are a Small Employer or a Large Employer, offering a competitive benefits package for your employees may be challenging.  Whichever category you fall into, we have the answers.  There is specific groundwork to be done, but that's where we can help. Small Employers don't have to settle for small benefits with cost effective options.  We have the knowledge base of being in the Las Vegas Marketplace for 40+ years of experience.

We can assist you and defining and redefining what an is eligible employee for your company.  The IRS will be looking for employers that have defined their employees incorrectly to save health insurance dollars.  Be careful, though, because there allot of people out there that claim to be an expert.  Remember, 'one’s expertise is limited or controlled by one’s interpretation of the law.'  With this law still being updated periodically, we do not believe there are any experts yet, because the interpretation of the law is still wide open.

Every employer is unique in their specific needs and company goals and there is no “boiler plate” group plan. We can create, design and implement a benefit plan that is tailored specifically for you and your company and is designed with your needs in mind to accomplish exactly what your company wishes. That's why we can offer your company “The Right Plan @ The Right Price.”

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