Individual Family

Assisting You in Choosing the Plan That Is Right for You

Are you one of the many people who have no group insurance available from your employer or are you between jobs?  There are a variety of individual/family plans available.  Let us guide you through the maze of plans and premium options available to you and your family. 

Currently, there are two specific types of Individual/Family plans. 

  1. On Exchange
  2. Off Exchange

On Exchange plans are also called “The Marketplace.”  You can go to and complete an application.  Once you have completed the application, you will immediately be shown what plans you are eligible for. 

This application is a “dynamic” application.  Based on your age, number of family members and what your income is, your eligibility will be immediately available to you. These plan’s premiums are usually little or no cost to you.

Off Exchange plans are Individual/Family plans that We offer.  Currently, United Healthcare/Sierra Health and Life and Health Plan of Nevada are the most common “Affordable Care Act” compliant plans available.  When you call us, we can send you a quote via email.  If you wish to enroll, we can assist you in the enrollment process.  The Open Enrollment Period to enroll in an Individual/Family plan is approximately November 1st through December 15th for a Jan 1st effective date.  (Dates are subject to change.)  These plan’s premiums are based only upon your current age with no medical questions asked or pre-existing condition limitations.

In order to enroll in an Individual/Family Plan you must enroll during the Open Enrollment Period or if you have a “Qualifying Event.”

What is a “Qualifying Event.”

  1. Loss of coverage beyond your control
  2. Death
  3. Birth
  4. Moving here from another State or Country
  5. Dependent turning 26
  6. Medicare Eligible

We, at Mark A. Martinez & Associates, can assist you in choosing “The Right Plan @ The Right Price.

  • How do you find the best plan for you?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What do I do if my insurance company doesn’t pay my claims?